David Kersten 

the mid-atlantic sound

A voice for the international advertiser or media communicator, David specialises in delivering a near to neutral sound as possible, with little or no immediately discernable accent. 

He has moved product in thousands of commercials, delivered the signature sound to numerous brands, methodically presented many corporates, and guided viewers through the insights and wonders of countless documentaries.

He is your passport to the elevated global stage where you and your objective will reach a whole new level of awareness.

Recent client list includes:

Audi, British Airways, Jauch Quartz, Porsche,
A. Lange & Söhne, Mercedes Benz, Lazzoni,
St Regis, Jaguar, Heineken, Alfa Romeo,
JP Morgan, Cortina Watch, Scania, Oracle, Chivas Regal, BMW. 

Put him on your list too.